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Confectionary Rebuild

Jones Family


The original Confectionary built circa early 1940's was destroyed by fire right before the 2023 Camp Session was about to begin.  Thanks to our wonderful community, the equipment needed was gathered to move the "Sugar Shack" to the Boarding Tent so that the delicious treats we all were accustomed to were able to be served.  We are still accepting donations toward the construction of the new confectionary which will hopefully serve our camp community for many years. 


The new confectionary plans are still in the design phase.  The camp committee is meeting with local contractors to obtain pricing and gathering all pertinent information.  The plan is for the new confectionary to be up and running for the 2024 Camp Session.

Plan 1-1.jpg
New Confectionary Plans

From the Jones Family

"Well this Carey’s Camp Season has ended but as a family we cant close the 2023 book until we send out a huge Thank You to everyone who helped make this year possible.As many of you know our Sugar Shack Confectionery burnt down with all of our equipment in it 3 days before opening night.But our community rallied around us and supported our family and we can not be more grateful for that. The amount of people who reached out and were willing to donate equipment, money, and time was astonishing. We will never forget what you have done for our family. Because of you we were open and ready to scoop ice cream in just 3 days!" ~Cody Jones

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