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Founded in 1888, the first official Carey’s Camp Meeting was held in the grove adjoining the church. The Camp now consists of a series of cottages or “tents”; which circle an open frame structure called the tabernacle. Annual worship services are held here for two weeks during the summer.

The Tabernacle

The Tabernacle is the center of worship and activities at Carey's Camp. It is an open frame structure where we hold our nightly worship services, VBS opening activities, and morning services on Sundays.   The Tabernacle is a place of community and fellowship where people come together to worship, pray, and connect with each other.

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A total of 48 "tents" encircle the tabernacle at Carey's Camp.  The tents are open front, A-framed structures which include a living area in the front, a kitchen area in the back, and in many cases a functioning upstairs where some Carey's Campers spend their nights.  The tents have electricity, but no running water.  Campers have to visit a nearby well to get water to bring to their tent.  

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